all change

I’ll get right into it: this has been a fun little experiment for the past few years, but I think it’s time I faced facts, and the fact is I’m just never going to keep to a blogging schedule and I’m just never going to keep to a writing schedule.

I’m still writing, of course, both short and long stories, but I’m focussing more on the long stories now.  The novels, in fact.  More specifically, I want to publish my novels, and I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to upload here before turning off any potential publisher.  This year my goal is to finalise and edit at least one of my first draft novels.  That’s going to take up a hefty portion of my time, so expect blog posts to become even more infrequent.

In other news, the experiment that was this blog hasn’t exactly yielded the fruit I dreamed of.  I’ve got a few followers now (thank you, by the way), but of course what I wanted was to reach out, become part of a community, make contacts, get feedback, and – eventually – get my undeniable genius noticed by a big publisher.

(Which is why I shelled out the money for my own URL year after year.)

Realistically, though, it’s not going to happen, so the address of this website is likely to change rather soon.  I’ll keep the website anyway for the occasional stories I do upload or for news relating to this or that, but I’m not going to lose any more sleep worrying about my inactivity, and therefore my loss of traffic or followers, and all the other social network rubbish.

There is one positive announcement to make, but I will make that in a separate post, just to let you get the taste of this one out of your mouth first.

Much love in 2018


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