be in my club

I just read on a literary devices website that didacticism is very old hat.

The word is even pejorative in most literary circles.

I can’t believe it.  Especially in light of what I wrote BACK HERE on how much Stephen King’s The Talisman meant to me.

So I decided.  I am on a quest to BRING BACK DIDACTICISM.  Sure, there are clumsy, awful ways to do it, but there are also wonderful, subtle, genuinely life-changing, genuinely world-changing ways to do it.

Good enough for this guy; good enough for me.

If you’re a writer, there’s nothing more worthwhile you can do than teach your readers something real.

Is there?

Well, no matter what happens, I’m going to push the merits of didacticism until the wheels fall off.

Watch this space to see how crazy it can get.

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