i got a feeling

Dear all,

Once again, sorry for the long delay.  I haven’t been doing much writing lately; mostly I have been planning.  I’ve decided this year that I would like to change direction slightly (but only slightly) and so I’m planning on writing one stand-alone YA novel.

Nothing concrete yet but I’m pretty sure it won’t take place on Eormen.  The idea is that it’s a world that has relied on magic until now, but with magic fading away and hideous diseases encroaching, how will the people survive?

I’ve got a really good feeling about this one and I don’t want to ruin it by rushing into it, but I hope to have it finished before the end of the year.  Also, I’m not entirely sure how much of it I can post here, because if this good feeling continues, I’m probably going to show it to a few agents and see if I can get it sold.

As followers, you’ll of course get a few sneaky peekies, as well as updates on the whole process.  Maybe not as often as I’d like, but you’ll get ’em.

Emblem Black (2)

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