the traveller

A little someone has written a book of poems about travelling and I think it’s pretty damn cool.


This is Tiffany Teoh and I bet you’d like to know a little something about her and her poems.


Tiffany is a Malaysian born Chinese, of Peranakan heritage. She was raised in Kuala Lumpur until the age of 17 and proceeded to live in Australia for 8 years until the age of 25. She is currently hitchhiking and traveling around the world with her fiancé and their puppy. For more on Tiffany, visit her website.

About, The Traveller Series:

The series started from a longing to want to travel after hearing all the good and bad tales from long term backpackers.

Every single piece that made it and didn’t make it in this is book has a special place in my heart as they were the beginning of a journey of a memory that never happened, but a longing that was constant.

We all naturally have it in us to wonder and wander, it’s just a matter of allowing it to take you to places.


I asked Tiffany a few questions about travelling, since she’s such an expert. I wanted to know about the top ten places she would like to go that do not exist!  At least, in the world we like to think of as real.  These are her answers:

1. Atlantis – because an underwater city would be magical without question.

2. Neverland – I had a crush on Peter Pan and his world as a little girl. I used to have dreams of going on adventures with the Lost Boys and hanging with the Indians by night.

3. Wonderland

4. The last rainforest of FernGully

5. The Golden Bridge between Malacca and Gunung Ledang

6. Ariel’s Grotto – Even for  a surface dweller, Ariel’s collections fascinate me and in turn I like to know what fascinates her. We could talk about her collection over tea, or whatever mermaids drink!

7. 1Q84 – though not really a place (it’s a year, but a year that doesn’t exist, so it’s like a place in an alternate timeline), what fascinates me is that the reality there is so similar to our own yet has taken a different path, plus the sky has two moons, would make some romantic night picnics!

8. Isla Sorna – because I wouldn’t mind having some adventures! Plus the very first book I ever borrowed from a library was about dinosaurs. It was in my first year of school.

9. Tortuga – though it’s a real place, I’m referring to Tortuga in the Pirates of the Caribbean setting. Party with the pirates!

10. Hundred Acre Woods – Philosophising and living day to day in the woods with cute animated animals and stuff toys in their cute homes. So much cuddles and warmth to experience everyday!



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