My mother was always tremendously disappointed in me. It was the quiet sort, the kind you only notice when there’s nothing to distract you. The world clears, retreats like the ocean – and there it is, there it always has been: the anchor in the sand.

NEEDLE IN THE HAY have *finally* posted a new standalone competition.  In the words of someone who wasn’t Julius Caesar (apologies in advance to Latin students): veni, vidi, conatus. 

I came, I saw, I tried.

No sooner had I read the brief than I began writing, and the first draft came in at seven hundred words exactly.  That is precisely the word count . . . but since I don’t believe in fate, that is largely irrelevant.

It’s still in its draft stage, so I won’t give away too much, but here is another paragraph I think you might enjoy:

That’s the difference between the path of lightning and the path of a human: humans follow stories. They fall into them and they stay in them, waiting for their happy ending, and eventually they look at life – enormous and cold and merciless – and they look at the story they’ve created, and they make a decision.


Check out the shortlist in the coming weeks in case I make it on, and if I actually win, I’ll certainly let you know.  In any case, the story in full will be published here in the fullness of time – however, for an early view, just go to Needle In The Hay from November 13.

Send me your comments.  As I have proved, I always reply.


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