it’s that time again

Yes, October is coming to an end, and that means it’s time to think about this year’s novel writing challenge.  I’ve got six ideas, all for the same series, and I know roughly what I would like to happen in each one.  I still have the luxury of choice, which means I can pick my favourite character to write about.

What troubles me is that I even have a favourite character.

I created all these characters myself.  It took time; it took love.  I spent a lot of energy intertwining them and tweaking them and giving them their special attributes (which now exist only in my memory, since my notes were all in the  car which was stolen in Sweden).  So why do I like some more than others?  I only hope that as I continue to build the world, the characters I have less affinity for will slowly become more solid.

One big change from last year is that I have a writing buddy!  Vicki Goodwin, a fellow writer and blogger, will be doing the challenge right alongside me.  If you want to get involved too, then why not?  I’d love to have you.

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