find your purpose

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all knew our purpose in life?

What about if your life’s purpose was to find your purpose?

And what if you couldn’t die until you had?

Following a prompt courtesy of Reddit, I’ve just finished the first draft of a story on precisely that theme.  Coming in at just over 6000 words, it’s about the right length for a short story.  Some of it will be uploaded here in the coming weeks – maybe all of it if people want.

But you can’t just release a story out into the world when it’s only in its first draft – that would be tantamount to murder!  You kick your children out of the house once they are mature enough to handle it, not before.  On the other hand . . .

. . . it would be a dreadful post without just a taste of what is to come.  Here’s one of my favourite bits so far:

I have to say, this last century was probably the least fun.

I’m sat right now at a café. Not in Paris, good grief no; this isn’t a film. I’m actually in Warsaw, wrapped in a blanket and sipping a hot chocolate which I am pleased to discover is just as disgusting as the last time I was here. I’m scanning the bodies as they go past, hoping for some spark – anything – but no. My people are all gone now. And this century is just the worst, and it’s only just started, and I’ve done my best but in the end it wasn’t enough.

My name at the moment is Davis, by the way, not that it matters.

I didn’t cross the continents. I regret that. I mean, I’ve been everywhere now, but I really wish I’d been alive back when you could walk from Sydney all the way to Reykjavik. I once met a guy who claimed he had, but he claimed all kinds of stuff. And he’s gone now.

There was a girl, too – there’s always a girl – but that’s not really surprising, given my age. There have been girls, guys, and everything in between.

But the girl is what’s important right now, and not for the reasons you might think.

Find out all about Davis and his long, curious life in the coming weeks!

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