The second of my short stories this year, a classic tale of a bad guy and a good guy.  Your heart will swell at the pure goodness of the hero, and you will gasp at the depravity of the villain.  The thrilling conclusion will give you chills you’ll remember for days!
But you can’t read it.
Again, since this piece is going in for a competition, I can’t publish it anywhere beforehand – apologies for that.
  I will, however, give you a little taste:


Today, the prisoners were loud again. The ones with strength, they shouted. Always the same; they try to trick me, to draw me from my purpose.
Let it be known that I am not violent with them.
When the deed is done, let the world know that I was patient.
When the prisoners ask why, I answer them. I tell them I serve a higher purpose. I tell them I act in the interests of my master. I do no more.

When all is done, the world will know I did no more.

* * *

Questions, comments gladly received.

Emblem Black (2)

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