reviewing, revising, rewriting

“Revision is where you earn your money, and if you haven’t earned any money yet, revision is where you pay your dues.”
– Sara Zarr

I’m currently reading a post on the process of revising a first (second, third, eighteenth…) draft.  If you’re interested, it’s here.  I’m doing this because I have a first draft that I haven’t even looked at since I finished writing it in November.  On that day, the last day of November, teetering on the deadline I had set myself for writing a 50,000-word novel, I promised myself that in the new year, I would return to it – but not before.

I was finished, in more than one sense.

Well, now January is nearly over, and it’s time to pay my dues.  But first, I’ve decided to write two short stories, probably because I am a bloody fool.  Sadly you, the reader, will not see either of these stories published on my website, as they are written specifically for competitions.

(For non-writers, a short explanation: pieces entered for competitions are not allowed to be published anywhere, even on public blogs like this with a limited readership.  They are, however, allowed to be read by private individuals for reasons of collecting critiques etc.  If you are interested in this, drop me a line in the comments section.)

The first draft of the first of these stories is now written, but for the reasons detailed above, I am only allowed to publish a fraction of it.  Ladies and gentlemen, Manumission (a working title):

The last letter had read:

I’m making the most of this.  I really feel like I’ve got a handle on everything right now; I know what I’m doing.

No, Jason.  You did not.

Have a nice week.

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