For those of you who follow Pilgrim Of Eormen on facebook, you will know that I have been taking part in National Novel Writing Month (now somewhat international, as it happens).

For that reason, I have been somewhat sluggish in uploading original content to the website, instead focussing on producing at least 1700 more-or-less adequate words every single day for the last sixteen days.  It’s great fun, if a little stressful.

I’m sure I’ll be uploading content from my friends – or just things I think you’ll enjoy – over the next few weeks or so, but today, as a special treat, I’d like to give you a preview of the novel I’m working on.  This paragraph appears somewhere around the thirty thousand word mark.  I’d love to know what you think the context might be.

“It was him. At the back, almost hidden by shadow, but unmistakeably him. He sat in an island of solitude, the tables around him empty. His face was still covered by a thick beard; grey now, and limp, as limp as the person who wore it. Spittle and other nameless substances were caked into it. As Yadiste came closer, he could see that only one eye still moved properly in the sunken cheeks. The other barely twitched, glistening as it collected its own little pool of tears, which were then wiped away by a stained sleeve.

It was as they said. Drink had done for him.”

Enjoy, children.

Emblem Black (2)

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