Multiple irons in multiple fires

If writing, for you, is a lifelong pursuit, then we can perhaps compare it to another pursuit, for example sport. I know many people who are ‘sporty’, and can turn their hand, with a measure of success, to any sporting hobby, often chopping and changing on a whim. There are many, also, that complete a triathlon, then turn their hand to a marathon, with roughly equal success. However, what these people will tell you is that it is no use to train for a triathlon if you are planning on taking part in a marathon. To you, I would extend the same advice (which, perhaps, I should myself heed), and that is that having several projects in mind is not an issue, but true success in any one project will only come at the expense of all other – unfinished – ones.

Broken Mirrors

Hello internet!

I’m posting on Tuesday this week because I was travelling over the weekend. My thanks to Lorien for covering my usual slot.

I am in Poland! I’m visiting Selayna, one of the other authors here on the Art of Writing, who’ve I’ve been friends with for almost a decade without ever actually meeting her face-to-face. It transpires that she’s just as nice in person as she is over the internet.

Selayna and I actually met through an online text-based Star Trek roleplaying game.


Yes, we’re nerds. Remember that I willingly flew sixteen hours to attend a convention called NerdCon last weekend. 

Anyway if you’re curious about how text-based roleplaying works, it’s like writing a book, but only having control over a handful of characters. All of the other characters are written by other players, and the other players control their actions and decisions, like in a D&D game. I’ve been running…

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