so were the children evil or not?

Either you can answer the above question today, or you never will.  What will it be, big shot?  Finish it.

#####: Nothing… specific, but the muscles in my arms were so charged up and I felt so tense. I had all this energy and I needed to get rid of it. So I’m in this bedroom, I’m roaring, I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m walking over to the bed, over to Martha, and looking at her. I can’t really see properly, don’t know why, maybe that stuff, tunnel vision a little, but Martha doesn’t look right at all. You know when you watch those documentaries and you see mitosis? That cell that just splits and there’s an identical one? Well, one side of Martha’s face was way too big; there was this thing that was sliding away from her nose, like an extra nose sliding away from her real nose, coming up on her left side, my right. That whole side of her face was discoloured and waxy, looked like old meat.

Mackenzie: You couldn’t see very well?

#####: No, I couldn’t.

Mackenzie: But you’re sure this is what you saw?

#####: Yes. When I was a kid I used to read in the dark. I had to concentrate pretty hard, but I never read words that weren’t there.

Mackenzie: A fair analogy. So Martha was undergoing some sort of mitosis, in your opinion?

#####: Actually, maybe it wasn’t like mitosis, because if it was mitosis then this other thing should have been identical, but it wasn’t. Martha’s a cute kid; this thing was just horrible. Her left eye was looking straight up at me, and it was round. Not eye-shaped at all, just round, like a child would draw an eye, not like an eye actually is. This thing, whatever it was, it started to slide back into Martha, but I wasn’t going to let it go. I grabbed her hair on both sides, and pulled with my right hand as hard as I could. I’m not a strong guy, but this thing started sliding out of Martha like slime.

It was the shape of a child, the shape of her – of Martha, I mean – but the colour was so wrong. That whole family is dark-skinned. Not black, I don’t know what they are, but darker than me. This thing looked like – I know it’s weird, but it looked just like this – one time on holiday, I had this ‘jarret du porc’, this purplish-red piece of meat, and this thing looked just the same. Swollen and waxy and purplish-red. That’s not how a kid should look, but whatever it is, I’ve got it in my hand.

Mackenzie: You have it in your hand?

#####: I told you, I’m not such a strong guy, but I’m holding this jarret du porc by the hair, feet swinging in the breeze, and I let go of the real Martha with my left hand, and grab this thing by the throat instead. And then I’m just pounding it with my right hand, just pounding it and pounding it and squeezing with my left. I don’t have big hands, but Martha doesn’t have a big neck, and my hand went pretty much all the way round, and I was squeezing. Eventually I felt all these sinews and stringy things and I don’t know what, they started to give way, so I squeezed as hard as I could. I could feel my fingers digging into the skin, I could feel these things snapping, I was crushing and crushing and then I grabbed both its ankles, swung it over my head and smashed its throat against the foot of the bed. Fair near decapitated it.

Mackenzie: You killed it?

#####: This thing was dying, I’m pretty sure. You can’t survive without a throat, right? And this one was pretty smashed up. But it was still talking, I don’t know how, and I still can’t get its voice out of my head. This big grin all over its face and sounding like the most cheerful thing in the world, and most definitely a man’s voice: “You’ve killed me! Look!” then it was sick. Looked like seawater and I’m sure there were carrots or something. “Isn’t that disgusting?” it said. “Isn’t that disgusting? Look!” and it was sick again. I couldn’t hear any more from this thing. The other sounds of the room were starting to come back to me as I raised my fist and hammered it into its belly, at which point it fouled the room from both ends.

Mackenzie: So it’s dead now?

#####: I don’t know. Everything was swimming in the room by this time, so I took a knee and tried to get my breath. Terri stopped screaming; I hadn’t noticed her start. She’s got her children in her bed, close to her, and I can see them, and I know they’re safe, and the thing… I think it’s dead. That’s the last thing I remember. I must have passed out.

But I never thought the children were evil, understand? The kids are great. Whatever that thing was, that was the evil thing. It wasn’t their fault.

Can I see my family now? They’re probably wondering where I am. Is my sister ok?


[end transcript]


The remains of one child and one adult were found at an address on the morning of Saturday 4th May. One adult male was found sleeping in the bedroom where the corpses were discovered. The police were summoned by the family’s five-year-old, who has been taken into care. Traces of vomit and faeces were discovered in the bedroom, but aside from this no evidence for the above account has yet been found.



The male in question was found dead in the night. Despite being under heavy surveillance, he had somehow managed to crush his own throat. Early police reports indicate that it is almost certain that he perpetrated the murders, though forensic evidence is as yet unclear. My responsibility in this matter ends here.


Case Closed

Case Open 07/07/13

Complaints about the five-year-old have started arriving from the school. It appears one teacher has gone missing.


[Dr. Mackenzie has been removed from the case.]

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