Gaiman’s Recent Retellings: Hansel and Gretel/ The Sleeper and the Spindle

Check out the artwork. Any book with Gaiman’s name on the front just looks so damn good!

The Book Wars


Neil Gaiman, storyteller extraordinaire, released two Fairy Tale retellings recently (October 2014, I believe) and I thought as my last post in fairy tale retellings month that I’d take a quick look at them.

First, his retelling of Hansel and Gretel which is beautifully illustrated by Lorenzo Mattotti. I found this book absolutely swept away by the images of swirling dark and light. This play with texture and void of colour really forces the reader to follow the lines and gaze at the images, finding their focal point – or point of salience and consider the mood created. Really, the book is an exquisite visual experience and the accompanying words, which tell a familiar story, are crafted and seem sparing allowing those images to take over the telling of the tale. An interesting note about this retelling is that Gaiman was inspired to retell this particular fairy tale after…

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