picnic dreams

Here is where I scupper my chances of becoming published by giving you a whole chapter of a completed work.  Unlike the rest of the stuff on here, this one’s quite pleasant.

Enjoy, you animals.

The Giant’s Garden

There once was a lady called Schmetterling. She lived at the bottom of a giant’s garden in an old boot. Every evening after dinner, she would read books on the medicinal herbs that grew in the garden, with an amaretto or a cup of English tea, and some garlicky sausage or cheese to snack on.

One day when she was walking in the garden, she saw that the sun had turned into a lemon and, since the sun was not usually a lemon, she decided to go straight to the wizard’s house to ask him about it. The wizard was never hard to find, for he was always smoking. You had only to look for where the smoke was thickest, and there you would find the wizard.

Now, when I say smoking, I do not mean a pipe or a cigar. I mean that the top of his head – and especially his ears – leaked a constant stream of smoke, the result of a spell many, many years ago that had gone rather wrong. These days, being quite old, the wizard spent a lot of his time asleep (in fact he was asleep more often than he was awake) but this wasn’t a problem, and here is why: the wizard dreamed all the while he was asleep and, being a wizard, his dreams walked around like real people.

Mostly he dreamed of walking through the garden, or drinking tea with Schmetterling, and his dreams were always pleasant and polite.

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