A short one

Are you ready for bed?  Then enjoy…

Mother’s Bedtime Story

Before they took her away, my mother used to tell the very best bedtime stories. One night, she asked me if I would like to hear the story of the good fairy and the happy couple. I replied that I would, very much. She began to tell:

“Once, there was a young couple. They loved each other so much that they got married. A good fairy saw this and it pleased her, and she decided, upon the birth of their son, to grant them each a wish, the nature of the magic being such that they could never discuss it.

The woman, knowing misfortune to be inevitable, wished that the more misfortune that befell her, the happier she would be.

Her husband also knew this and, being a loving husband, he wished for his wife’s unending happiness.

Not long after, the man lost his business; his wife only smiled.

When the baby died, the lady’s smile grew so large she thought her face would crack.

Struggling to make ends meet, her husband decided to go away to sea, where his ship capsized and he was torn apart by sharks.

The woman sits alone now, in an empty house.

And she never stops laughing.”

After her stories, she would kiss me goodnight and go downstairs. I used to enjoy the sound of her pacing the room downstairs; I found it soothing. And when I woke in the night, sweating and terrified, all I had to do was listen and there they were, those endless, reassuring footsteps.

One day, when I have children, I hope to tell stories just like my mother did, before they took her away.

3 thoughts on “A short one

  1. And the moral of the story is….never marry an overattached man.
    This story made me thinking of people who always laugh. We should question every smile even if it seems as a matter of course.


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