the pilgrimage begins

The Pilgrim has the unique privilege of traversing the leagues of open  ocean separating the nations of Eormen.  They have seen countless peoples, the overwhelming majority with no experience of any other society, any other religion, any other culture than their own.

The Pilgrim, for their part, is neutral – merely a collector of stories.

But The Pilgrim understands. They have seen too many monsters not to notice the similarities. The dragons terrorising The Drylands are the same as those threatening the tiny nations who can see every edge of the known world from the one hill their island possesses.

They are at the same time identical and vastly different.

The Pilgrim understands this, and moreover observes that in every case, the isolation of these nations reduces the probability of salvation to almost zero – unless that salvation comes from the people themselves.

And The Pilgrim learns.

They learn how each little world leads its own destiny, how each little world faces up to their part in creating the monsters who threaten them, and how brave but otherwise normal men and women go about vanquishing them.

And those that do not?

They sink into the endless sea of Eormen.


John Falconer is nothing special.  When he was born he was the wrong sort of person.  At school he was the wrong sort of person.  When it was time to make something of himself he was the wrong sort of person.

John Falconer will never be great.

What he is, is curious. He is open.  And he knows what is right and what is wrong.  Despite being the wrong sort of person, he is the sort that is treasured by the right people: a good, honest, and dependable man.

With Falconer, you know where you are.  Geniuses appreciate this.  Royalty prizes this.  Even evil has to respect this.

And so it is that even the wrong sort of person can have great adventures..


Go to the top of the page and click ‘Menu & Widgets’ to navigate the site if you don’t fancy trawling through the entire blog.  The ‘Stories’ page is precisely that, stories written by The Pilgrim or by John Falconer.  The posts are arranged alphabetically, and right at the bottom is the option to search by category.

Read, spend some time, relax, shoot me a line.



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